Made It Home In One Piece

My return to Chicago wasn't nearly as bad as my trip on Sunday. The train was delayed by 3 hours, but since I had called ahead to find out whether it was on schedule (HA!), it just gave me more time to hang out with my sis and have lunch with her. Thankfully, we had no further delays between Bloomington-Normal and Chicago. I was in a quieter car, too, with some elderly ladies from Michigan, instead of squalling babies. I didn't knit, however. I think I'm getting sick of the Estonian lace scarf. Last night I did some work on the round baby blanket instead. At this point, I doubt I'll finish the scarf by the end of the World Cup. Ah, least I tried.


Dawn said…
Don't worry...I'm only going to have one sock done...and that is only if I work on it only this weekend. I'm still glad I did it, because it got me to really do the socks...which I wouldn't have done otherwise for a long time. I'm getting so creative lately with lots of ideas for embrodery and sewing I want to do to. I'm really enjoying it in one way, but which I could just settle down to do something instead of just moving from one idea to another!

Glad to hear that you made it home alright. Is she living in Bloomington/Normal now? Ra'Net and her hubby live there. She works at Brohmen hospital and he works at the library at ISU.
Glad it was a better journey..I remember visiting Manchester when Jeff was a student there ( 3hours on a good day..6 on a bad day).I got stuck with an old guy who was going to see Cricket at the famous ground there one time, a lager swigging drunk another and most bizzare a young man who told me he was a Count and plied me with oranges.He showed me his passport ( Monaco) and laughed as he said everyone there pretty much is a count.I knitted almost a whole mohair sweater once ..the 80's so it was on large needles and an easy pattern.
Dawn: You're right. If it hadn't been for the knitting world cup, that alpaca yarn would still be sitting there unused. At least I got started on it. Sara lives in Washington, just 8 miles east of Peoria. It's only 30 minutes from Blm-Nml.

Angie: So you met a Count of No Account on the train? Hee, hee!
Oh very good !....he was such a flirt the least impressive thing any man can do ! Now if someone says "Count" I see the cute little guy from Seasame Street !
I love the Sesame Street count!