My Philosophy: Make Something Beautiful, and then Give It Away

Back in the summer, I was obsessed with knitting the dishcloth pattern published in the first Mason-Dixon knitting book. As I was knitting a cloth, it occurred to me that the stitch pattern would make a beautiful blanket. Lo and behold, Afghans for Afghans sent out a call for baby blankets for a hospital in Kabul. So I decided to make one using the dishcloth pattern, and here is the result.

In this view, you can see the stitch pattern better.

The brown yarn that frames the whole thing is Lion Brand fisherman's wool in natural brown. The other 7 colors are a bunch of wool oddballs I had left over from other projects. I love it and and thinking of making one for myself, on a larger scale of course, and with a more sophisticated palette.

I know I blog about Afghans for Afghans a lot, but it's a cause I believe in with all my heart. Even though I can't directly affect the political outcome in that country, I can do one small thing--knit a blanket--that directly and positively affects the life of an Afghan child. Every baby deserves to have a warm, beautiful blanket, and I'm happy to do my part.


monica said…
So pretty and a great use for leftovers!
Thanks, Monica! I showed it to a friend today, and she thinks I should keep it for myself. Believe me, I'm tempted, but it's too small for me. :-)
duraknit said…
That looks like a lot of fun!! I wish I could see and feel it in person; I bet it's really cushy. You should come on over and take a look at the Afghans for Afghans knit(and crochet-along blog:

Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks for commenting! I'm definitely going to take a look at the A4A blog.
Kay said…
It's beautiful and so great you are sending it to A4A!
Kathy said…
This is terrific work and will be much loved by a baby and his/her family.
MissingRib2 said…
This is my favorite dish cloth pattern. They are so pretty most people I give them to won't use them. I have also used this patten to make a pocketbook and neckwarmer....
MissingRib2: I like the idea of using the stitch to make a neckwarmer. I might have to steal it. :-)