Jumping on the Bandwagon

Last night I started knitting the famous Clapotis scarf/stole from Knitty.com. I'm using a nylon ribbon yarn that's hand-dyed in various shades of copper. I hope the nylon isn't too heavy. We'll see. I've had that nylon yarn for years. I bought it at the first Stitches Midwest I ever attended, back in 1999. I believe it's from Tess's hand-dyed yarns. It's lovely stuff. I started making a vest with it and some other variegated yarn years ago, but it just never looked quite right, so I got frustrated with it and threw it in a tote bag, where it languished for years. The other day--I don't know what possessed me--I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about that yarn and how I've got to use it before I die, so I ripped that vest apart and rewound the yarn. Tuesday night I went to my first meeting of the Windy City Knitting Guild, and a woman there showed off 2 gorgeous Claptois stoles and I thought, "That's what I'm going to do with that copper ribbon!" Some day, when I get a digital camera, I will post pictures of the finished Clapotis (if it turns out well, that is).