Long Commute = More Knitting Time

Next week I start a new job in the Loop. For 6 years, I've been living and working in Hyde Park, and, for the first 4 years, my commute to work was negligible. I lived close enough to the office that I was able to walk when the weather was good. When I needed to take a bus, I only needed to walk to the end of my block to catch it, and it was a 15-minute ride. Two years ago, I moved several blocks further north, and walking to work was no longer an option (who wants to spend an hour walking to work each day?). I did walk for the first mile, to a major bus stop, and then caught a bus headed south. The problem with that was that the CTA runs three times as many buses heading north than heading south in the morning, so I often spent a long time waiting for a southbound bus. Once the bus arrived, it wasn't a long ride, so it usually wasn't worth pulling out my knitting. But now that I'm going to be working downtown, most of my commute will be spent on the bus, rather than waiting at the bus stop (I hope), and that means I can get some extra knitting time in. I can't read on the bus because of the herky-jerky movement, but knitting is no problem. One of my current co-workers asked me if I was concerned about the extra time I'll be spending commuting each day, but I'm actually looking forward to it. It's much easier for me to knit when I don't have the cats, the TV, and the phone as distractions. I'm hoping that my productivity will increase greatly after next week. The only drawback is that I'll have to stick to relatively small projects. I'm not going to lug around a huge totebag just so I can work on a sweater while riding the bus.