Latley I've had to fight powerful urges to buy more yarn. I certainly don't need more yarn. I'm definitely one of those knitters who has a SABLE: Stash Available Beyond Life Expectancy. I know I'll never be able to knit all that yarn, so there's no logical reason to buy more, but I want to. I just want it. It's all so lovely, with the infinite variety of textures and colors. It doesn't help that I get yarn catalogs from 5 different companies and e-mail announcements of sales from dozens of on-line yarn retailers. Furthermore, I don't have room to store the yarn I have. What would I even do with more yarn? I guess the only solution is to knit the yarn I have so I can have room for more--that and cut back on other expenses so I can have more money for yarn.


Dawn said…
I've got so much yarn....I can't even find it all...and I STILL buy more! UGH. I'm actually branching out and using weird stuff like polypropeline (sp) to make string bags. I'll have to quite that though...I'm trying to be a bit more enviromentally friendly! OH well....
That's an interesting idea. I've heard of people knitting with cut-up garbage bags, but not polypropyline (sp?). Have you thought about cutting up old T-shirts into strips and using those? I seem to recall an article in either Knitter's or Vogue Knitting years ago in which that technique was explored.
Hummm...just ordered some new Lorna's Laces called "Twisted" ..well my birthday is very soon .My husband said ( don't they always) "You don't need that do you"..it's a craving ,an addiction but there are far worse ones!.
I agree! At least I don't smoke or shoot up heroin, right? ;-)