TV Knitting

I like Thursday nights because it's one of the few nights when there is more than one show I like: "Everybody Hates Chris," "My Name Is Earl," and "The Office." All week I look forward to curling up on the couch with my knitting and enjoying some quality programs. The only problem with knitting in front of the TV is that I often miss some of the visual jokes (especially on "The Office") because I'm busy counting stitches or looking to see where I made a mistake. That's why I always try to have at least one mindless, repetitive project that doesn't require counting or a lot of attention, so I can have something to keep my hands busy while I'm focusing on the show. You're probably thinking, "Why doesn't she just watch the show?" but I can't do that. If I'm forced to just sit still, without doing something, I get restless and have to get up and pace around. Crazy, no? But it seems to run in the family. My dad is like that, too, and one of his late sisters couldn't sit for more than 30 seconds without jumping up to do something. I'm hoping that the knitting will stave off that particular brand of family insanity for a few more decades at least.


Foxy Knitter said…
Hee, hee! I bet you do!