All Tangled Up

Ugh. I spent most of yesterday evening trying to wind a 400-yard skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn into a ball. It turned into an absolute mess, but I finally managed to get it all untangled. My cats were freaked out, because I locked myself in the bedroom and didn't come out for a couple of hours. They're both very nosy and insist on knowing what I'm doing at all times, so they both sat outside the door mewing and whining the entire time I was in there. When I finally emerged, the male cat insisted on being held for half an hour. He's the neediest cat I've ever seen. Anyway, perhaps I should just bite the bullet and invest in a yarn swift. I don't really have room to store one, but I hate having to go through this ordeal every time I need to wind a ball of yarn. The only other alternative is to have another person hold the skein while I wind the ball, but since I live alone, I'd have to expressly ask someone to come over and help me. Do you think, if I promised to provide food and/or alcohol, I could get someone to be my human yarn swfit?


Oh I bought a huge skein of Cherry Tree Hill laceweight ( about 10,000 yards) ...I managed a small ball the rest is shoved into a bag .Some skeins can be wound across the knees or a chair back.Luckily for me I have a small winder who charges 50p a time but does moan a lot.Oh how I wish I had a cat ..they are hard to get now .I miss mine so much ..just adore them.
I used a chair back, but it didn't help much (um, partly because the bottom of the chair was ripped and the yarn kept snagging on it). Why are cats hard to get over there? People can't give them away here. Is it because of the hoof-n-mouth thing?
It's weirder than that have to have a visit to check that Pussums will be cared for ( no problem there) but for us the dreaded question "Do you live near a main road?".I ask you who doesn't these days on our crowded Island.The only way will be word of mouth but so many cats are neutered there are not many kittens anywhere.
That is just blowing my mind. Guess I won't be moving to the UK any time soon, cuz I love my feline babies (as mischievous as they can be).