Where's My @#$**% Yarn?

In a moment of weakness, I ordered $40 worth of discounted yarn from Knit Picks last week. I'm especially excited about the self-striping sock yarn, because, in addition to making cool-looking socks, yarn like that makes the cutest baby hats and sweaters, which I can either sell for very high prices or give away to many oohs and aahs. So where is the yarn? Why hasn't it arrived yet? What's going on? Waaaaaaaah! I know I'm being stupid and impatient, but c'mon. I placed the order on-line, so it's not as if they have to process a piece of paper or cash a check. *hmph* All I can say is that it'd better be worth the wait. If this yarn is sub-par in any way, I'm going to be seriously put out.


Vintageme said…
Mum is only fit for tying every time she orders from Colinette and she pays by phone thus checking they have the stock ..no waiting for dyes etc.Holly.
That's a good idea. I wish I could afford Colinette yarn in the first place. ;-)
Vintageme said…
Oh yes I hear it is very expensive in The U.S ..that is a shame because they do mill-bags here that are good value.If we order from over the pond ( and Mum loves Fiesta) we get a whopping import tax.Luckily for us more U.S yarns are being sold here and you have some of the very best .
That's true. We do have an incredible variety of yarn available. I was in Vienna and Prague a few years ago and was surprised by the narrow range of choices I saw. The yarn wasn't of great quality, either.