Yarn Crawl

I'm visting a friend in Tacoma, and since she's a knitter, too, we naturally had to visit the 2 local yarn stores. I restrained myself and didn't buy anything at the one downtown, but then we went out to Gig Harbor, where the yarn store (The Yarn Garden) is just huge and lovely and has a sale bin. The sale bin is always my downfall, and this time was no exception. I got 4 balls of Katia Tango, a ribbon yarn in a light rust color, for 30% off the regular price. My friend admired it and asked me what I was going to do with it. I replied, "I don't know. It was beautiful and cheap, so I had to have it." This is why my yarn stash is out of control.


Me too ..today I got a large ball of Rowan's "chunky Print" ,three of Jaegar's extra fine merino in black and one odd ball of Rowan's "Lurex" in a ruby red and last but not leat one of Debbie Bliss's Cotton Cashmere in chocolate..all half-price .I have no idea where they will go yet !
Oooooh! Sounds lovely!
Dawn said…
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Dawn said…
I just bought two balls of novelty yarn. How can you pass up balls of yarn in the right color, interesting texture that only cost £1 ($2)??? Yes, that is the right exchange rate...what is up with the US economy??? Scares me really because when I first moved over it was $1.45 to the £1! Anyway, I'm sure you will find a very good use for it! Glad to see that you've joined the Knitting World Cup too! I've almost decided on my project...will post on my blog when I have decided!
GW Bush and company are what's up with the US economy. I'm scared, too. It's a sad state of affairs. At least we have yarn to console ourselves, right?