Progress--Slow but Steady

The Estonian lace scarf is coming along. It's about 6 inches long now. Considering that I'm using very thin yarn and small needles, that's pretty good. The yarn splits easily, so that slows me down, as well. In spite of that, I really like it. Alpaca yarn is so soft and lovely. If I could convince my sister to raise a couple of alpacas for me on her 2 acres in the country, my life would be complete.


mrs Nito said…
Oh yes Alpaca is fact I prefer it to cashmere .Your scarf sounds lovely.
mrs Nito said…
Oh dear ..this should say "All the Way With Knitting" but Holly is logged in on her rather odd site..sorry , angie.
HA! I was wondering who that was. One of these days I'll get a digital camera so I can post pics of my works in progress. I'm trying to pay off some debts first, though. Seems like the harder I work, the further behind I fall. Ugh.
Not to worry we don't have a digital I use the scanner for pics. from an old camera or from the net ! Have a great weekend.
Slackie Onassis said…
In Estonia, lace scarf knits YOU! ;)
HAHAHHAHAHA! I was wondering when an Estonia joke would be made.
Slackie Onassis said…
In Estonia, jokes make YOU! ;)