Sometimes I Just Don't Know

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of a knitting guild that's a chapter of TKGA. I joined it in hopes of learning some things and meeting fellow knitters. And for the most part, it has been a positive experience. Recently, however, I've begun to wonder how much longer I'll remain as a member of this group. Every year, the guild has a booth at a community art fair, and members can sell their knitted items through the guild. This year, I was asked to help people price their items, because there was concern that items were underpriced, compared with the other merchandise for sale. The club's president asked me to help, because I have experience selling things at craft fairs. Initially, we had scheduled a time for me to meet with people and appraise their items, but then she realized that this might be too time-consuming and asked me to make a list of general categories and price ranges instead. I did so, and she distributed the list at the May meeting.

A few days later, one of the members e-mailed the club president and said that my list was completely inappropriate and that it shouldn't have been sent out "without review." She's entitled to her opinion, of course, but what makes me angry is that she has no experience selling things and, in fact, has often said that she knits for the love of the craft and would never sell her items under any circumstances. So what makes her think that she's qualified to comment on my list? In any case, I apologized to the guild president if the list was insufficient or inadequate, and then she apologized to me for even forwarding the e-mail. I appreciated that because, frankly, I wish I didn't even know about it.

Then, 2 days before the art fair, I got a call from the club's treasurer asking me if I was going to be at the art fair to help people price their items. I said, "No, that's what the list was for. I don't know what more I can do for people beyond that." Then she said, "Well, you're going to be there to help sell right? At least that's what I assumed." I said, "Um no, I have plans this weekend, which is why I didn't sign up to work at the booth." She was pissed, I could tell, but I really didn't care. I never made any promises or commitments, so for her to assume that I would be there is just asinine. (Catty aside: I don't understand why this woman is a member of the guild at all, let alone the treasurer, because she can barely knit. She spends the meetings gossiping and eating; I don't think I've ever seen her knit more than 10 stitches at a time.)

Anyway, all this political nonsense has made me question whether I want to continue associating with this group. All they do is bicker and fight, nothing gets accomplished, and it's very stressful. My life is already stressful enough; I don't need any more. My informal knitting group (which I hosted last night) is so much more fun and relaxing. I'd just as soon stick with them and tell the guild good-bye. We'll see what happens for the rest of this year; if I'm still unhappy, I just won't renew my membership next January.


Tell me about it girl...I absolutely hated the commitees I was asked to be on at The Meeting House .It was all bickering and one very bossy woman took over .She never liked me because I am a convert not a born Quaker ( very Christian ?).I now know that my town's meeting House is re-knowned for un-friendliness so I stopped thinking it must be me.I don't attend there anymore .Take care ..don't let them get you down. angie .
Dawn said…
Nothing is worth going through that! People get so funny about things, problem is as they bad apple.....
Thanks for the support and kind words! I do feel badly for the club president, because she's trying to move the guild in a more professional direction, and so I've been trying to help her with that, but those elderly ladies are set in their ways and don't want any part of it. I always joke that trying to get them to conduct serious business is like trying to herd cats.