WWKIP day was a lot of fun. We had great weather--sunny but cool. There were about 40 people there; I saw some knitters whom I've seen at various yarn stores, Stitches Midwest, and the Hyde Park Stitch-n-Bitch. It's a small world in our little subculture, and you get to know people pretty quickly. My former supervisor was there, and, despite some inital awkwardness, I enjoyed talking to her. A lot of people asked me about my project because it's so unusual. I wasn't working on my Estonian scarf for the Knitting World Cup. Instead, I was working on a round, lace baby blanket made with self-striping sock yarn. It's really coming together and looking cool. I decided to do that one instead of the Estonian scarf because it's a very simple pattern that doesn't require counting or much attention, which I thought would be better for public knitting. We attracted a lot of attention from tourists, who asked us who we were and why we were there. Maybe events like this will plant the seed in someone's mind, and a new knitter will bloom some day.


Angie said…
Well done..it was so hot here I just couldn't make it to the park.Also it is really close to the street full of pubs with plasma screens that footie fans would be watching on , very intimidating so I stayed in.
Foxy Knitter said…
Can't say that I blame you! I imagine that it would be the equivalent here in the US of knitting outside a sports bar during the Superbowl (in Florida, of course, because it's too dang cold in the rest of the country in January). ;-)