The Baby, She Is Here

Found out that my friend had her baby, a beautiful girl, last Tuesday. Thus, I need to finish that round blanket tout suite. It's getting too large to carry in my bag these days, so I probably need to just park myself on the couch, pop a DVD in the machine, and get busy.

This means that I need a new portable project to keep in my bag, so I cast on for another baby hat yesterday afternoon. I'm using some self-striping sock yarn from Knit Picks. Should be really cute.

I've been fighting this urge to buy knitting books. I just added a bunch of them to my wishlist. The thing is--I don't need any more books. Knitting books and magazines already take up 2 full shelves of my bookcase, and I don't have room for more. Maybe I should just get rid of some of my other books to make room for knitting books. Who needs a dictionary anyway?


Congratulations to your friend .."welcome Baby ". I know what you mean about knitting books I could squeeze in one or two but Holly collects books too .She loves dictionaries and a huge Thesaurus she uses for writing .
Make her use Merriam-Webster's online thesaurus. ;-)
Trouble is she loves books ..if we get wireless broadband it's worth thinking about ! We only have one computer and she has to kick me off . Even her school work she still prefers books ,loves the touch of a page etc .
Dawn said…
My sister is in the hospital in Schaumberg with my new nephew Wesley! I'm so excited, I've been plugging away at his blanket, since I've got another to get on with! You can never have to many knitting or crafting books...though I have to keep putting away the books that I'm not currently going to use so that I have more space!
Angie: I can relate to the desire to have a physical book. It's still more portable than a computer.

Dawn: Congrats on the new nephew!