Knit Until Tired

Those are the instructions for the shawl/baby blanket I'm making: "knit until tired." I love Elizabeth Zimmerman's dry sense of humor. She's so right--I'm knitting and knitting and knitting, and the end is nowhere in sight. So I'm dropping the blanket for a while and going back to the Estonian lace scarf. At least I can see the progress on that. Also, now that the weather has cooled off a little, that alpaca laceweight yarn isn't sticking to my hands as it was when the heat index was 103 degrees. Anyway, back to EZ: if you don't already have "The Knitter's Almanac" or any of her other books, I highly recommend them. She had an amazing mind and incredible skills, and she was generous with her tips and tricks on making knitting more enjoyable. You'll learn more from her books than from an entire shelf of other authors' writings--not that I'm denigrating other authors, but EZ is definitely the cream of the crop.


I get so hot at the moment that my glasses steam up so I can't see . I have a little fan on my face now .The humidity is worse ..looking forward to autumn now .
Yeah, you guys are having a terrible heat wave over there, and air conditioning isn't as prevalent as it is here in the US, right? I can't imagine...
just me said…
I thought you might enjoy this - today I was knitting in the car while waiting for a parade to start. This little boy sees me and says, "Mom, she's SEWING! In her CAR!!" Of course his mother corrected him, but it was funny 'cause he just sounded so amazed.
HAHHAHAHAH! That's too cute! So what are you knitting these days?
Dawn said…
Keep meaning to get an EZ book, but havn't done it yet! I always enjoy reading her daughter Meg Swanson's stuff too.

We had a good rain storm yesterday and it has cooled off this weekend...but of course it won't last...sigh...oh well. Better then having it hot all weekend too. Rich hurt his arm too, so we were trying to get groceries on the bus etc yesterday in the heavy rain! Fun, fun!
Getting groceries in the rain is no fun at all! I feel for ya. I like Meg Swansen's writing, too, especially the columns she does for various magazines. But she doesn't have her mother's biting wit and old-world charm. You definitely need an EZ book. If you only buy one, I recommend "The Knitter's Almanac." She has a project for each month of the year. It's a lot of fun.
just me said…
I'm making that rose pillow that was in Vogue Knitting a couple of issues back. So far just working on the pillow part - haven't figured out the roses yet.
Oh, yeah, i love that pillow. I've been making the roses and attaching them to baby hats. When you come up for the White Sox game, I can help you with the roses, if you haven't figured it out already.