Summer Knitting

People have expressed surprise that I continue knitting in warm weather. They seem to think that it should be confined to the cooler months. I'll concede that knitting is in its fully glory during the fall and winter, when knitters everywhere curl up on their couches and armchairs working on big woolly afghans that cover their laps. But there's no reason to stop knitting when the temperature rises. You just have to adapt and move on to smaller projects that don't cover half your body. What better time to work on hats, mittens, and scarves for the upcoming winter? You want to have those items done before the first cold snap, not when you're already standing at the bus stop freezing to death. This is also a good time to get started on any holiday gifts you want to make. It's better than waiting until the last minute (as I have done to my regret). If you do charity knitting, you're most likely making smaller items, so those can be done when it's warm. If you do want to do something bigger, such as a sweater (for yourself, of course--you do need a light summery sweater, don't you?), there are plenty of lightweight cotton and linen yarns out there now and beautiful patterns to go with them. With the huge array of choices we have now, knitting truly knows no season.


Angie said…
I do knit a bit less in the Summer because I tend to go out more but I couldn't stop .I am knitting a scarf for Holly in 100% silk chenille at the moment and have plans for a capelet.We don't have air-conditioning but the fan is fine. I am not a person who very easily can have idle hands.
Unknown said…
Amen! I have to say that I tend to do the cotton knitting this time of the year. My spinning can only be done on days I don't have sweaty hands! Can you imagaine the mess that would make!!!! UGH!!! Your right about making gifts. I just wish my family would pick names earlier then Thanksgiving so I could get on with stuff! Oh well...I've got lots of b-day presents to make yet1
Foxy Knitter said…
Angie: I know what you mean about the idle hands. I get restless if I don't do something with my hands. Mindlessly staring at the TV just doesn't cut it for me.

Dawn: The thought of spinnning yarn with sweaty hands is not pleasant. I don't blame you for refraining. Maybe you should make unisex gifts for your family so it won't matter whose name you get. ;-)