Sensory Overload

Got back from SMW a couple of hours ago, and I am way overstimulated. As always, there's just too much gorgeous yarn to see and feel--it's hard to absorb all the details. Anyway, first things first.

My free-form knitting class with Debbie New was wonderful. I came away with lots of ideas for how to use up little bits of leftover yarn. She's a great teacher--patient, wise, and full of helpful hints.

After the class I went to the yarn market, grabbed some overpriced pizza, and settled in for the style show preview, hosted by Rick Mondragon, the editor of Knitter's Magazine. The focus was on two new books by XRX coming out this fall. One is on jackets, and the other is called "Victorian Lace Today." I was especially inspired by the lace pieces. They were all stunning. I may have to make room in my budget for that book.

Speaking of books, I finally bought "Big Girl Knits," which Dawn had recommended. I really like almost all the patterns and intend to make a couple of them for myself some day--after I've finished at least a couple of the projects I already have going (feel free to laugh hysterically). With regard to yarn, I saw lots of lovely, unique stuff, especially in the Habu Textiles booth. But I decided to exercise restrain this year and only bought 2 balls of laceweight alpaca from Gossamer Webs. One ball is a cranberry red, and the other is a very pale lime green. I intend to try out some new lace patterns with it. I'll probably make scarves or stoles for myself (each ball has more than 400 yards in it, in case you were wondering how I could make anything out of just one ball). You can't have too many scarves, right?

I wish I could have gone to SMW for all 4 days this year, but it wasn't feasible financially or in terms of time off from work (since I just started a new job). If all goes well, though, I'll be back in full force next year, taking classes, attending fashion shows, and fondling lots and lots of yarn.


Angie said…
Oh I love freeform ..glad you had a good time.
Unknown said…
Sounds like you had so much fun...I can't wait until October when I get to go to our Knitting and Stitching show.

Could you send me an invite to gmail? dlad.rjd at virgin dot com

Looks like they aren't going to be able to help me and I'm furious that I couldn't get any real help. All those emails...groupd..notes...etc....UGH!!!! My stupidity that did it though. Shouldn't have clicked on the URL, even though I did try and check it out first! Sigh.....Now I have to start all over!!!!
Foxy Knitter said…
Dawn, I tried to send you the gmail invite, but it bounced back to me. Email me a message to my gmail account from your account, and I'll try again.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Sorry, I don't have your address...part of the problem...I gave you the wrong addy is dlad.rjd at virgin dot net (not dot com)