I finished the baby blanket, and when I was blocking, it a few stitches came loose somehow. I guess I had dropped a stitch and didn't know it. Anyway, after much panicking and wailing, I used a crochet hook to pull the stitches back up and then tied a knot to hold them. I dunno. I doesn't look bad, but now I'm wondering if I even want to give it to my friend. I've put it away for a while to think about it.

In happier news, I also finished the Estonian lace scarf, which did NOT come apart as I blocked it. I couldn't have handled two disasters in a row. So now I'm back to working on the Clapotis scarf. I should probably get busy on my mittens again, too. Cold weather isn't that far away....


Oh that is a shame but if I was the recipient I would know it was made with love.I don't know what it looks like but maybe a knitted motif would cover it up ?
No, a motif isn't going to help. I will get pictures posted at some point, I promise. I don't have a digital camera, so I have to use up a roll of film and then get it developed. Yes, I'm about 7 years behind the times. ;-)
Oh we don't have a digital camera either ..there's only so much money isn't there? I use the scanner for some things .
I don't have a scanner, either. I'm not a Luddite, I swear! ;-)
This tech stuff is all very well but seems to constantly need replacing..I'd go for a wind-up T.V if I could.I do have a hand sewing machine that was truly built to last !
Denise~ said…
Being a bit of a Luddite isn't bad. Really.
Saw your post on my blog "Don't Knit Angry" and thought I'd visit.

Love your handle - Urban Domestic Goddess. Could it be that we are on a similar path?
AtWWK: I love the idea of a wind-up TV! Classic!

Denise: Thanks for stopping by. The Urban Domestic Goddess thing is a bit of a joke/tribute to Rosanne Barr (back when she was funny and insightful, not weird and angry) and her "I am a domestic goddess" routine. It's also my way of asserting that I think it's OK for women (and men) to take care of themselves, their houses, and their families. Having a dirty house and never cooking doesn't make one a feminist, just sloppy and hungry. ;-)