I finally finished a roll of film and got it developed. There were pictures on there from last December. Yikes! Maybe I should just go ahead and invest in a digital camera. In fact, that might make a good birthday present for myself. Hmmm.... (This is the first time I've tried posting pics to Blogger, so bear with me if it looks a little primitive).

Anyway, on with the show. First, we have the Estonian lace scarf that I started for the Knitting World Cup but didn't finish in time. I think it turned out quite nicely.

Here's a close-up of the peacock pattern:

Next up we have a couple of pics of the circular baby blanket I made for my friend's daughter. I'm really happy with how pattern of the self-striping sock yarn worked up.

Finally, we have the Clapotis scarf. I wish the color had turned out a little better. This variegated copper nylon ribbon is just stunning in person. The picture looks a little washed out. I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear this thing. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.


Unknown said…
Everything looks wonderful!!! I especially like the blanket!
Foxy Knitter said…
Dawn: Thanks for the compliment!

Milos: Thanks for the camera advice! ;-)
just me said…
Look at you, all fancy with the pictures! :-) I can verify that the copper ribbon scarf is STUNNING in person.
Angie said…
Oh Wow ..they are all lovely . If you download Picassa ( it's free) you can twiddle with the colour of pictures in your computer and it posts quicker on Blogger....there is a link somewhere on Blogger's home page .
Foxy Knitter said…
ATWWK: Thanks for the Picassa tip. I'll have to check it out.