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Before I forget, I posted an incorrect link to Afghans for Afghans earlier. It should be

Anyway, I shipped out that vest I made (I took a pic, but it'll probably be 6 months before I get the film developed) to Afghans for Afghans. The vest is mostly gray and black, with a single burgundy stripe across the chest. I think it'll look good on either a boy or a girl. I also sent 3 wool hats. I originally was going to give the hats to that knitting guild, but since I'm not going back, I won't have the chance to give them the hats.

Also, at least with AfA I know where the hats are going--3 schools (2 in Kabul and 1 in Wardak) that have recently been rebuilt after being destroyed by the Taliban. Last year, that knitting guild collected almost 100 hats, and I have no idea where they went. Us rank and file members were merely told that they went to "homeless shelters." Well, which ones and in which neighborhoods? I thought we should have gotten some sort of acknowledgment--not because I expect the shelters to be grateful, but because it's just good business practice to account for all donations. I also think that the guild's leadership owed us a full accounting of what happened to the hats. We put a lot of time, effort, and yarn into making them. Most of them were simple stocking caps (like mine), but there were some that were absolutely stunning and obviously had taken a lot of skill and talent to make. I think those ladies deserved better than a brush-off answer. *grumble*

Now that I'm done with my charity knitting (I might make a few more small things, but not another vest), I need to finish a few things that have been languishing undone in various bags--including a pair of mittens for myself. Cold weather isn't that far away....


Dawn said…
Isn't it a shame....winter is coming. I usually love fall, but this year I'm a bit agravated that we didn't have enough spring and summer to make it worth having clothes for it! July was so hot and then August was cold!!!! Oh well...complaint over.
What didn't The Taliban destroy? It really is horrifying to imagine a life with no school because I was born a girl.Their dis-respect for Buddhist treasures..what dreadful insane bigotry.How can they look at a World full of other cultures and have the audacity to presume they understand anything.
Dawn: I know what you mean! The seasons are just crazy any more.

ATWWK: What's scary is that the Taliban's attitude toward women is very similar to that of the fundamentalist American christians who have hijacked the US government. If we can't get them out of office soon, I fear that we're going to lose all the rights that our mothers fought for in the 60s and 70s.
Yes we are all scared of that but even here there are a lot of Anglicans going that way.You know reading about the Puritans lately they were far too close to this kind of thing.
That surprises me about the Anglicans, because their "descendants" here in the US (the Episcopalians) are very "liberal" and have ordained women and openly gay bishops. Those Puritans--who needs 'em?
Yes I hear that but The Church here is heavily influenced by the African communion.They are homophobic and reactionary in a way that only the most right-wing English Anglican is and there are plenty.My own town is infamous for rejecting our Gay bishop..any wonder I'm a Quaker ..very liberal these days.