The Things I Do for My Friends

I hope that my friend really appreciates the blanket I made for her baby. I mean really appreciates it. Not for the cost of the yarn, or the effort, or the time it took to knit it, but for the fact that I endured the Chicago post office to mail it to her. If there isn't a more surefire way to ruin an otherwise lovely Saturday than going to the PO, then I'm not a knitter. Man, oh, man. First, it's always freaking hot in that lobby. Second, you have to wait forever because they don't keep enough people behind the counter. Third, there's inevitably some elderly person in there complaining loudly and constantly about the prices and arguing with the clerk about what a service should cost. Finally, when you get to the counter, the clerks are rude and unhelpful in the extreme. Next time I'll pay the extra money (and take the extra time and bus trip) to go to the UPS store. UPS should give the USPS seminars in how to provide good customer service.

*rant over*

In other news, I finished the clapotis scarf last night and started a child's vest for Afghans 4 Afghans this morning. I took some pictures of my latest projects and *finally* used up a roll of film. As soon as I get them onto a CD, I'll be able to post long last.


Unknown said…
I hope blogger is cooperating with you go to post your pictures!!! Goes to show how much you care when you are willing to fight the post office to get something sent off! Sometimes I wonder how things get to the right person at all! It isn't any better over here. Fortuantley, I can use the University post I don't have to wait in line anymore...but they have taken away all the local post offices too...wich isn't so great! I liked the guy that ran our closest....but he had to close last year!
Foxy Knitter said…
Why are they closing the local offices? That seems really strange to me. Of course, in the smaller towns here (such as Gridley), they no longer do home delivery. Everyone has to get a PO box instead.