Update and Another Paid Project

Update: The wedding shrug/jacket is coming along nicely, but there was a problem along the way. At one point, I must've dropped a stitch marker and put it back on in the wrong place, because the line of the raglan increases got all wonky. So I had to rip back several rows and fix that, which was frustrating. Last night I finally made it to the point where you separate the sleeves and the body. The sleeves are probably a little wider than she'll like, but you do need some ease built into it, so that the sleeves don't cut off her circulation. Next I'll lengthen the body a bit and then call the bride so I can try it on her before I bind everything off. I'm seriously considering making one for myself. It's easy enough to adapt and make it longer and wider, and it's very pretty.

Another paid project: The other day I was talking with a co-worker about how I don't want to work the nine-to-five grind for the rest of my life and would really like to go into business for myself by opening a yarn store. So then she was asking me questions about knitting and asked if I had seen those scarves that are "big circles." I said that, in fact, I had made one for myself a few years ago; it's an Elizabeth Zimmerman Moebius strip scarf made with novelty eyelash yarn. She asked if she could see it, so I took it, along with my Estonian lace, the Clapotis, and a baby hat, into the office yesterday. She loved the Moebius and wants to commission one for herself. I told her we'd have to wait until I'm done with this wedding project (and she needs time to scrape up the money), but then we can hit a yarn store after work and she can pick out the color and style she wants. I'm hoping that other co-workers will follow suit and start ordering from me. I could have a monopoly on the craft industry at my office. *maniacal laughter*


Angie said…
Well Laura Ashley started with tea-towels or some such thing !! I just hope they pay a decent price for the labour and yarn.
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks for the encouragement! I always make the customer buy the yarn and then I charge what I think is a fair price for my labor. For the shrug, I asked for $100. For the scarf, I'm going to ask for $30. It's still cheap labor but my goal right now is just to get my name out there and build a good reputation.