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After the mad rush of finishing the bridal shrug was over, I was at a loss as to which project to tackle next. I have half a dozen UFOs (unfinished objects) languishing in my apartment, so it's not as if I lack things to do. I just have to be properly motivated to do them. I think I was also suffering from "options paralysis"--when there are too many choices, it can be hard to pick one thing.

They're predicting snow for later this week, so I decided the most important thing is to finish those mittens for myself. Now that I'm sitting down and actually working on them, I'm making fairly good progress. I got to the point last night where you put the thumb stitches on waste yarn for later. After that, it's just 30 more rows. And then I have to make another mitten. *sigh* But it'll be worth it when I'm standing at the bus stop in subzero weather and my hands aren't feezing.

However, if my knitting group meets tonight (I need to email everyone and find out what's going on), my project for this evening will be to put price tags on those hats I'm going to see at the craft fair this weekend. I can't work on those mittens when other people are around because I have to be able to count and stay on the pattern. Those Anatolians didn't make things easy for themselves!


Angie said…
Snow? The fluffy white cold stuff..oh you lucky girl.In fact as pretty as it is on Christmas cards etc it must be a real nuisance in a city .We get about one day's snow but that is enough for me. I hope you get those mittens finished . I think it was 1962 ( Jan-march) that we had deep snow for weeks and I remember struggling to school and being so cold at home.We had coal fires then no central heating so you lit the oven in the morning .It's not happened since ..isn't the weather odd ?
Unknown said…
Snow already???? UGH!!! Yes, I think those mittens are a priority. I bought gloves (yes...well I lose them alright no since making them.) But this morning I was so hot when I got to work I was dripping! Go figure! Must remember...clear and cold...dreary and hot!
Foxy Knitter said…
Yes, snow. The real stuff. It's supposed to hit tomorrow, but since the ground is still warm, it won't stick around. The weather is weird, indeed.