Can You Believe It?

I had a burst of energy last night and finished the shrug. It looks very cute, if I do say so myself (I'm going to take a picture this morning to take advantage of natural light--I'll post it whenever I use up my roll of film). I hope the bride is pleased with it. I just emailed her to let her know it's ready and to set up a time and place to meet for the hand-off. Can't wait to get that check in my hot little hands, especially since I'm going shopping and looking for a new coat tomorrow. (Took the day off from work: woo-hoo!)

Speaking of getting paid, the quarterly craft fair Depart-Ment ( is coming up October 13-15. I need to get busy sewing the roses on those baby hats I made a few months ago. I figure I'll sell those for $20 each. I have 6 of them, so if they all sell, I'll make a tidy sum. I have a few plainer hats for boys, too, that I'll price at $15. This time I decided to focus on stuff for babies, rather than adult accessories, because I've noticed that people will pay a lot more proportionately for baby items than for adult items. I don't know if it's because they like their kids to be little fashion accessories or what. In any case, I hope to capitalize on this trend by making super-cute, impossible-to-resist baby hats.


Angie said…
Now that's a good market because you've got friends of new Mums ,Grannies etc who might all expect to buy something special .Sadly rather a lot of Mums do seem to use kids as fashion accessories .I like traditional clothes for kids ,dresses for special occasions but Holly had loads of Gap dungarees ( always from the sale) so she could play in comfort.
Unknown said…
Good luck with that! I look forward to seeing a picture of the shrug!