Long Time No Blog

I've been too busy to blog lately. I'm frantically working on my mittens. I've finished one and have made it through the cuff of the second one. I hope to have them done within the next week or so.

So now I'm obsessed with Nicky Epstein's felted Christmas wreath featured in the latest issue of Knit Simple magazine. You can see a picture of it here: http://www.knitsimplemag.com/preview01.php. She made it with Manos del Uruguay yarn, which is frightfully expensive. The yarn would cost well over $100, and I'm not paying $100 to make a wreath, no matter how beautiful it is. So I've been looking at the Knit Picks catalog, trying to figure out which colors of Wool of the Andes would match the Manos colors. I think the Evergreen would work for the base, but I'm torn about which shade of red to use for the poinsettias. I'll figure something out. I really want to hang that wreath on my door in time for my annual nondenominational holiday potluck.

Went to a Halloween party last night, and there were several other knitters there. It's always nice to meet members of the tribe in unexpected places. I have another party tonight--what are the odds I'll meet more knitters there? I'll keep you posted.


Angie said…
I think Crystal Palce's Fjord felts well..not sure how much it is .It is a lovely wreath .If I made it I fear the local kids would steal it ..sigh!
Unknown said…
That is a beautiful wreath. I've heard that Cascade 220 felts well....though I've not used it! Halloween parties...sigh...would be nice.
Foxy Knitter said…
So now that I've looked at the wreath pattern more closely, I've found several errors in it, the most glaring of which is the fact that, although 6 different colors are listed, only 5 of them are used. This may turn into a quagmire. *sigh*

Thanks for the yarn recommendations. I'll have to look at the color cards for both of them. I did look at Knit Picks last night and I think I can use their colors, but now that I've found the errors in the pattern, I'm not sure how much of each to order.

One of the few advantages of living on the top floor of an apartment building is that the only person who will see my wreath and possibly be tempted by it is the guy in the apartment right next to mine. And he's not the thieving kind. ;-)