Needles for Hire

One of my co-workers commissioned me to make her a hat with earflaps. I found a pattern at The only change I made to it was to do stripes instead of the chevron color pattern. My co-worker and I went to a yarn store after work on Wednesday, November 15, and she chose the yarn and colors (she also paid for the yarn). I started the hat on Friday evening, finished it Monday night, and delivered it to her Tuesday, in exchange for $25--cash money. She loves it and has been wearing it ever since (despite the fact that it's a little too warm here in Chicago for such a hat). Other co-workers have seen it and commented on how cute it is. I'm very proud of it. This picture doesn't do it justice. You have to see it being worn by someone to really appreciate its charm. There's plenty of yarn left over, so I've agreed to make her a matching scarf in exchange for lunch at a nice restaurant. I probably should have asked for more money, but a nice lunch (instead of eating leftovers at my desk) would be a welcome change of pace for me.

To those of you in the States, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I love the colours in that hat.
Thanks! Jennifer has a good eye for color. It's too bad she's not interested in learning to knit herself because I know she'd do some inventive color combos.
Dawn said…
Wow do the mittens and hat look good. Glad you got a camera and can show off your work! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Hey, Dawn. I had a great Thanksgiving. Spent it with a good friend. I'm having so much fun with that mini camera. A knitting blog must have pictures. It's the law. ;-)