Eternity Shawl

My co-worker decided she wants a scarf/shawl similar to the one made famous by Mary-Kate Olsen: It's just a really long Moebius strip. I'm going to follow Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern in "Knitting Around." My co-worker picked out a lovely medium blue shade of Manos del Uruguay wool. I've never worked with that yarn before (because it's so expensive!) so this will be fun for me. I knit a few inches with size 11 needles, but now I think I might go up to size 15s, just to make it a little looser and give the fabric more drape. When I get a decent chunk on the needles, I'll post a picture of it.


Angie said…
If I don't get back ..."Happy Christmas" and have a lovely time knitting , Manos del Uruguay yarn is gorgeous. angie x