Happy New Year: Resolutions and Such

Wendy Johnson of the blog Wendy Knits! (see the link in the sidebar) has proposed going on a yarn diet for 2007. She has resolved, with a few exceptions, not to buy any new yarn for the entire year but instead knit solely out of her stash. I gave up buying yarn for Lent a couple of years ago, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. However, I stuck it out, and the exercise proved to me that I could stop buying yarn compulsively. Now, I know that I couldn't refrain from buying yarn for a whole year, but I have decided to try to hold out until August, when I go to Stitches Midwest. Going to SMW and not buying yarn would just be insane. That's the whole point!

In the meantime, I do have plenty of yarn in my stash to keep my busy. Some of that yarn has been there for years, so it would be nice to actually use it. Also, if I keep getting commissioned work, I'll have new yarn to play with that other people will buy for me. I got a call just the other day from a friend who wants me to make a baby sweater for a friend of hers. We haven't hammered out the details yet, but I'm leaning toward making the Baby Albert coat from Sally Melville's "The Knit Stitch." It's simple yet elegant and will be fun to knit.

Does anyone else have any knitting resolutions to share? In any case, I hope that 2007 brings wonderful yarn and fiber your way. Happy new year!


Angie said…
I can't give up my little thrill of new yarn but I would like to knit more fair-isle again. Happy New Year to you too. angie
Foxy Knitter said…
You can't go wrong with Fair Isle. That's a great resolution!