Work on the chenille jacket has pretty much ground to a halt. The thick yarn and needles were killing my hands, especially the first joint on my right ring finger. It's very sore; I can hardly open a jar with my right hand now. I'm still doing a few rows here and there, but I can't do much in one sitting. However, I just got an email from afghans for Afghans, and they need socks for kids at a school in Kabul. Since socks are knit on thin needles, I should have no problem making a pair or two. I need a new take-along project anyway. That scarf I was making is getting too big for my bag. I have some great self-patterning sock yarn in my stash. I bought it from Knit Picks when they discontinued some of their old colors. As always, when the socks are done, I'll post pictures.


Angie said…
Hi there ..absent due to husband's illness. Best wishes, angie x
Foxy Knitter said…
Hey, Angie. I hope your husband gets well soon. *hugs*