Baby Cardigan and Accessories

I finished the baby set my friend commissioned and got it in the mail this morning. Here are the booties:
Here is the hat. I originally planned to do a plain, pillbox style hat, but I got whimsical and decided to put a curly thing-a-ma-bob on the top.
And here's a shot of the complete set:
With a close-up of the Peter Rabbit buttons:

I made it to fit a 6-month-old because the wool blend yarn is going to be too heavy for the spring and summer anyway. It'll be perfect for next fall and winter. So now I guess I'll get back to the socks I'm making for myself. It's still cold enough here that wool socks would feel really good at night.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Unknown said…
Those are adorable. I love the "thing-a-mobob" on the top! Well done.