Baby Surprise Sweater--Finished

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Sweater is one of those genius patterns that makes one wonder how it's possible for mere human beings to be so inventive. When it comes off the needles, it looks like a shapeless blob, like this:

But after you flip and fold it, much like origami, it somehow turns into a baby sweater, like this:

Here's a view of the back:

It turned out a little bigger than I anticipated, but I have plenty more of this yarn left, so I may do a smaller sweater so my niece/nephew has something to wear right away and doesn't have to wait 4 months to grow into the Baby Surprise. In the meantime, I'm working on the log cabin-style blanket. I'll post a picture when I get a few more sections done.


Dipsy Doodle said…
What a very beautiful baby sweater this is! I really love the pattern as well as the colors you chose - and I'm sure the little recipient is going to adore it! Great work!

Dipsy D.
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, Dipsy! I'm glad you dropped by.
Slackie said…
Wow, that sweater looks great! And it photographed so well! Nicely done, all around!
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, Slackie! I love my mini camera--and it's all thanks to you. ;-)