Blasts from the Past

It takes me forever to use a roll of film, so when I get one developed, there are always pictures on there from months the ones below.

This is the shrug I made for a former co-worker to wear over her strapless wedding gown last October. The color looks a little washed out on my monitor; it's actually a lovely champagne. The yarn was wonderful to work with, and the pattern was very easy.

This is a vest and some hats that I sent to Afghans for Afghans in September. The vest may look a little big for a child, but they wanted us to make things for kids older than seven, and they also told us that Afghani children tend to be tall and thin, so I made the vest a little longer than the pattern specified. The hats are just standard ribbed watchcaps made with wool left over from other projects.

I didn't participate in the latest AfA campaign, making baby blankets, because I wanted to get a jump on making things for my future niece/nephew, but I should have all that done within the next month or so, just in time for the fall AfA campaign.