Disappointment and Frustration

I finished the Noro Kureyon Lucy bag and tried to felt it in the washing machine, but it's still very loose and stretchy. I even spent some time (and scoured my fingers) trying to felt it by hand in the sink. It got a little better but it's still not quite right--and it left a lot of fiber in my sink that was nearly impossible to clean out. So now I have to wait until next laundry day to try to machine-felt it again. I know, I could go ahead and run it through the machine now, but I don't want to waste quarters (not to mention water and energy) on just 1 item. I suppose this is my cautionary tale for the week: Noro Kureyon doesn't felt very well. If you're impatient (as I am), try Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes for your felted projects. It works beautifully on the first try. Speaking of Knit Picks, I saw that they're having a sale on all their books. I may have to buy one to console myself after this latest fiasco.


Unknown said…
Sorry to hear you are having problems with it! Have you tried boiling water and putting it in there? That is how we finished off things we felted that were made from unspun wool.
Foxy Knitter said…
No, I haven't tried that yet. I'll give it one more spin through the washing machine, and if that doesn't work, I'll try boiling it. Thanks for the tip!