Dog Days of Knitting

The log cabin blanket arrived safely, and my brother and his fiancee both love it. I hope the baby does, too.

So now I'm using some of the leftover yarn to make baby hats for Afghans for Afghans. When I'm done with all of them, I'll post a picture. I might make a couple of pairs of mittens for some older kids, too, if I have time.

When it's hot like this, it's hard to do anything big, so that's why I'm just doing some little projects. Once the weather cools off, I'll go back to some of my major projects that have been on the needles for, oh, months now. And then maybe I'll have something better to blog about. Until then...keep on knitting.


Suburban prep said…
I have the same problem with knitting in the summer. Here in the Chicago area it gets way too humid sometimes and well knitting takes a back seat.
Foxy Knitter said…
You're right the humidity, not the heat, is the real problem. It's hard to knit when the wool is sticking to your hands. *blech*