Things Are Looking Up

So I got an offer for a new job. What a relief! I won't lose my house and I can keep buying yarn. I finished the bibs for my nephew and finished a scarf for myself that I started so long ago that I lost the ball band and can't give you any info. on the yarn. I do remember that it's a hand-dyed wool blend. It's incredibly soft and cushy, too.

I used size 11 needles and the mistake stitch rib pattern (15 stitches) to make a long, skinny scarf. I know I don't need any more scarves, but the yarn was expensive (see? I do remember a few details), and I couldn't buy more than 1 skein.

I haven't decided what I'm going to knit next for my nephew. I'm going to see him next week and I'll ask his mom whether he needs anything in particular. Babies always need something....