Latest Yarn Purchase

Last week I happened to be near Loopy Yarns on south State street, so naturally I had to go in. I wasn't intending to buy anything; my intention was merely to browse. Well, you know how that goes. I came out with 940 yards of lace weight yarn from Malabrigo.

I haven't decided what to make yet. There are several possibilities in Jane Sowerby's "Victorian Lace Today," but I can't settle on one. However, before I even start a project with this, I need to use that linen yarn I bought and make myself a market bag already. I've been going to farmers' markets for weeks now and am feeling very guilty for all the plastic bags I've been accumulating as a result. I do re-use the bags as much as possible, but I feel that I shouldn't be supporting the use of bags made of petrochemicals when I could easily knit an eco-friendly linen bag. OK, that's my project for the weekend--after the Lucy Neatby workshop tomorrow, of course.


Unknown said…
I've stopped saying I'm only going to browse in yarn and book shops. It just isn't possible! Love to hear how the workshop goes!!!!