This Is Why I Don't Own a Car

I never made it to the Lucy Neatby workshop yesterday. When I registered for it, I decided to reserve an I-Go car rather than take public transportation, because a trip up to Evanston on the L would have been at least 2 hours long.

Unfortunately, when I got to the car that I had reserved, my SmartCard wouldn't open the door. So I called customer service, and the guy tells me that my card number is no longer registered in their system. I don't exist! But he did have my reservation on hand, so he was able to open the car door remotely. However, but the time this was all resolved, half of the driving time I had budgeted was gone.

Then I made the mistake of getting on I-94 instead of taking Lake Shore Drive; of course, because the Puerto Rican Day parade was in Grant Park yesterday, taking the Drive probably wouldn't have been any better. Anyway, I got stuck in horrific, bumper-to-bumper traffic and half an hour after the class started, I decided to turn around because I was nowhere near the location and I knew I would miss at least 2/3 of the class anyway.

Then I thought, "Well, since I have a car, I'm going to the Target on Roosevelt Road to pick up a few things," but when I got there, the parking garage was full. So I came home and spent the rest of the day working on my linen market bag. Still, I'm upset that I wasted all that time, money, and gas. From now on, if a workshop isn't easily accessible by public transit, I'm just not going, no matter how much I want to.


Unknown said…
That is disappointing!!! Will be glad to see pics of the market bag!
meg said…
girl, this sounds awful! this is the type of crap that drove me to the burbs. if you ever want a full day at Target, you're always welcome to come out to hicktown and go with me. We can eat hotdogs and popcorn and shop all we want!
Foxy Knitter said…
Meg, that sounds like fun! You name the day, and I'll be there.