No Stitches Midwest This Year

It pains me to say this, but unless a financial miracle occurs, I'm not going to Stitches Midwest this year. I've been going every year since the very first one in St. Paul, MN, back in 1998, so it feels weird to even contemplate not going, but I just can't justify spending the money this year.

First, I was forced to buy a new refrigerator recently and had to put it on the credit card--which I just paid off with my severance check from my last job. So now I'm back in debt again. *sigh* Second, they moved the location of SMW to a hotel in Schaumburg that isn't anywhere near public transportation. The cost of renting a car and putting gas in it would eat up almost a quarter of my typical SMW yarn budget--not to mention the fact that fighting traffic to S-burg and back would probably ruin my day completely, if not land me in the loony bin. Seriously, traffic in that area is nightmarish.

So, I guess I'll stay home that weekend and knit with the yarn I already have. I might, however, treat myself to one of those lace yarn samplers from Knit Picks. They're only $25 and will provide hours of knitting entertainment.


Unknown said…
Don't give up so easliy....have you checked to see if you could catch a ride with someone? I would check Ravelry and see if anyone is going from your neck of the woods...I know it is hard to not be tempted to buy, but it is so much fun to go and look and be surrounded by like minded people!!!
Foxy Knitter said…
Yeah, I've already emailed a bunch of people to see if anybody is interested in splitting the cost of a rental car, but there were no takers, primarily because no one wants to fight traffic all the way out to stinking Schaumburg.