Some Finished Objects

I finally got on the, needles...and finished some projects that had been languishing for a long time. The first is a red lace scarf. The pattern is from Victorian Knitting Today by Jane Sowerby.

I should re-block it. I think I didn't stretch it hard enough. In particular, the points on the end aren't nearly as well defined as I would like.

Next up is a striped scarf made of 2 different colorways (Gold Hill and Black Watch) of Lion and Lamb by Lorna's Laces. It's just a knit 1, purl 1 rib on 39 stitches.

I really like how the colors flow into each other. My friend Helen gets credit for helping me pick out the two colorways at Loopy Yarns.

Next is that olive green scarf I started ages ago. I have to say that this scarf is a real attention getter. Every time I wear it, people are offering to buy it off my neck, but I tell them they can't afford it. The yarn was expensive (especially the Trendsetter Dune and the Tilli Tomas hand-dyed silk), and I spent way too many hours working on this thing to give it away for cheap.

Finally we have a Moebius strip cowl. I actually knitting this a long time ago, but it came out much shorter and wider than I planned, and I couldn't decide what to do with it. The yarn is one of those fancy mohair/metallic blends, and you simply can't rip it out without destroying it. So I just threw it in the drawer with all my other scarves and forgot about it. One night last month I came across it while I was looking for something else and realized that it was the perfect length for a cowl. So I gave it a twist and sewed the ends together. I love the way it look draped around my neck.

Now that I've fulfilled my New Year's resolution I can move on and start some new things. I cast on for an Elizabeth Zimmerman circular shawl but am having trouble keeping the lace pattern straight. For some reason, counting to 12 seems to be beyond my ken these days. Maybe I'll figure it out soon. Until then, happy knitting!


Unknown said…
You were on a real scarf spree!!! I'm working on the ribbon scarf from Knitty using my Schaffer Anne I bought ages you said...way to expensive to give up. I like working the pattern, though I think I'm working it up to loose (unusual for me!)
Foxy Knitter said…
yeah, for a while I just couldn't bear to do anything more complicated than scarves. Also, when yarn is expensive and you can afford just one ball, sometimes a scarf is all you can make with it.
Lynette said…
all of your scarves are great. i love the red shawl. great job on completing your projects.

i can't wait to see the orange-y goodness shawl after it's done.
Foxy Knitter said…
I'm excited about the orange shawl, too. I'm up to 288 stitches around now, so progress has slowed somewhat.
Aqualuna said…
Hello Foxy Knitter! I just move back to Chicago from Lansing Michigan where I was a part of a fiber arts, chit chat group. I met a woman, Renee, who told me about the Hyde PArk Stich n Bitch. I was wondering if I could get more info or a contacy number. Thank you.
My name is Arlena and my 10 yr. old neice is Amiricle. We both like to crochet and would to me you. Please e-mai me at
Foxy Knitter said…
Hey, Aqualuna. The South Side Stitch-n-Bitch meets Monday nights at the Hyde Park Art Center from 5:00 to 8:00. I don't go often, but it is a very nice group of people. I think you and your niece will like it.