Just Peachy

Last night I finished the peach shawl, and this morning I blocked it out on the bed. The ends have not been woven in yet, so that's what you see trailing off to the side.

I think it's gorgeous and can't wait to wear it.

The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Almanac," and the yarn is lace weight merino from Fearless Fibers (www.etsy.com) in Sunny Peach.


Lynette said…
it's so gorgeous!
Thanks, Lynette! I'm just in awe of how well it turned out. Sometimes I can't get lace things to block out the way I want, but this one was perfect.
monica said…
Soooo pretty!!
Celticred said…
Absolutely gorgeous! Now, a picture of the talented knitter wearing this beautiful shawl? :) Truly lovely work. We miss you here, missy! But MaryAnn is keeping us entertained with her LOUD complaints about everything under the sun.