Newly Finished Objects

This red scarf is my first foray into a crocheted-only project. I've used crochet for years to make nice buttonholes on knitted cardigans, but I've never done anything solely with crochet. The truth is, I don't "really" know how to crochet. I mean, I can do a chain stitch and a single crochet stitch, but that's it. I can't even read a crochet pattern. So this was just an "I-wonder-what-would-happen-if" experiment.

All I did was chain 200 stitches, work a single crochet into both sides of the chain, and then work a 6-chain loop into each of those stitches. When you hold the scarf up, the loops spiral around each other in a corkscrew. It looks kinda limp in the photograph, but when it's around my neck, it looks really interesting and weird.

This Moebius strip scarf was merely an attempt to use up some leftover yarn. The peach is from that peach shawl I made, and the variegated yarn is leftover sock yarn. I think I cast on 60 or 70 stitches and used size 15 needles to make it really loose. I did four rows of peach for every two rows of variegated yarn and just kept going until I ran out of yarn. Then I blocked it, twisted it, and sewed the ends together.

I like how it looks like a fishnet when it's stretched out. I can wrap it around my neck twice, which compresses the fabric and makes it look more solid, but it's still extremely light and adds no bulk at all. And the colors are just perfect for me. I definitely will be wearing this one 3 seasons of the year.

Tomorrow is Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and I'll be in Millennium Park for it, working on yet another lace scarf. Have a knit-tastic weekend!


Lynette said…
both are great projects. i love them both. congrats on your crochet experiment.
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, Lynette! Can't wait to see you at WWKIP today.