Fancy Burp Cloths

Just finished three burp cloths for that pregnant friend of mine. On the left is the blue and yellow, in the middle is the purple and lime, and on the right is the hodgepodge one I made to use up the yarn left over from the first two.

I think the hodgepodge one is my favorite. I would love to have a sweater coat made in that stitch pattern with changing colors...not that I want to knit such a large piece. So, although it's very chilly here in the Midwest, it's still technically summer, so I plan to knit one more cotton dishcloth for myself before moving back to wool yarn. Afghans for Afghans wants baby blankets for a hospital in Kabul, so I'm going to try to knock one out before the deadline at the end of October.


Lynette said…
fancay indeed! the mom now has a burp cloth for everyday of the week.

it IS cold, isn't it? i just took H out for a walk without a jacket.
Foxy Knitter said…
Considering that babies go through multiple burp cloths each day, I probably should have knit even more. :-) But I have other projects to finish...and I haven't even started on Christmas knitting.