Handmade Christmas: Part 1

Money is even tighter than usual this year, so I'm knitting gifts from my yarn stash. First up is a pair of socks for my sister.

I've had this yarn for so long that I no longer have the manufacturer info, but I do remember that it's a self-striping wool/nylon blend. And look--the stripes match! I'm so proud of myself. Next week: Christmas stocking for my nephew.

Happy Thanksgiving!


monica said…
You are off to a good start on the gifts! Every time I think I'm done I realize that I forgot a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Will you be spending it with your family?
Foxy Knitter said…
Hey, Monica. I went to my sister's place just for the day. She has to work today (and so do I) so I came back late yesterday afternoon. Are you in Vegas now?
Lynette said…
if only i started knitting for my family earlier. your sister will love her socks.
Foxy Knitter said…
Hi, Lynette. I went ahead and gave them to her at Thanksgiving, because I don't know whether I'll see her at Xmas, and she did indeed like them. She especially likes that they're machine washable.