Yesterday I got together for knitting with the lovely and talented Lynette and Monica of Passionknit fame. It was Monica's birthday, and mine wasn't too long ago, so Lynette got us both yarn and some emergency chocolate.

Yarn and chocolate--seriously, what more could a knitter ask for? If you're curious, the yarn is handpainted 100% merino wool from Sweet Georgia Yarns in the colorway Velvet Underground--which is perfect for me, because I love the Velvet Underground.

Thanks again to Lynette for the great birthday gift! I'll try to put it to good use.


monica said…
Oooooh you got the coveted Sweetgeorgia yarn. :)
Foxy Knitter said…
It's gorgeous stuff! I might make those fingerless mitts with it, instead of a pair of socks. It needs to see the light of day, not be hidden in a shoe. ;-)