Remember the Novelty Yarn Craze?

I do. For a few years there, fancy textured yarns were almost all you could find in the yarn stores. That's when I bought a skein of La Boheme by Fiesta Yarns. I only bought one skein because it was frightfully expensive ($30). The sad thing is, I bought it so long ago, that the yarn shop where I got it is now closed.

Anyway, I dug it out of the pile a few days ago and made a scarf out of it. Do I need yet another scarf? Of course not, but I only had the one skein (165 yards), so what else could I make with it?

It is very pretty. The color way is called Rusty, by the way. But boy was it a pain in the neck to work with. The mohair strand kept getting caught on the rayon strand and it became a big tangled mess at one point. I just had to cut out the tangled part and start afresh.

Anyway, aside from some ribbon yarn (and maybe one more ball of eyelash yarn), this is the last of all that novelty yarn I bought during the big craze. It was fun at the time, but now I'm just as happy to work with plain smooth yarn and let the pattern and my skills provide the excitement.