Color Block Scarf

Once again, I no longer have the manufacturer's information for this yarn. I do remember that I bought it almost two years ago at a yarn store in Bellingham, Washington. I was out there visiting some friends, both of whom are also knitters. So of course, we had to make a trip to a yarn store. I also remember that the yarn is kettle-dyed wool and was very expensive, which is why I bought just two skeins of it. See, this is why I make a lot of accessories, as opposed to sweaters: I fall in love with a gorgeous yarn but can only afford a couple of skeins, which is just enough to make yet another scarf or hat. I keep hoping that the day will come that I can afford enough of a beautiful yarn to make a sweater, but it hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, this time I bought a skein of red and a skein of orange, and then divided the skeins when I wound them into balls. Instead of doing stripes, I decided to do big color blocks. I used the classic mistake stitch rib pattern, because it's reversible and I love how it looks like corrugated cardboard. When I wear this scarf, the orange and red ends hang together, and people have asked me if I'm actually wearing two different scarves. It's very eye catching and unique. I'm happy with how it turned out.


monica said…
I didn't realize that you knit with different colored skeins! Thought it was one skein of many colors. Very pretty.
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, Monica! I was drawn to the red first (magpie that I am), and then the orange caught my eye, so I bought both.