First Socks of 2011

Finished the Creatively Dyed socks late Monday night and wore them yesterday.

This is a terrible photo. From this angle, my feet look like Fred Flintstone blocks. And you can see the cat fur on my pants. *le sigh* In any case, the socks look great and were very warm and comfortable when I was out running errands yesterday evening.

So, remember that Knit Picks gift certificate my sister gave me for Christmas? I decided to round out my collection of double-pointed needles. Believe it or not, for someone who knits as many socks, mittens, and baby hats as I do, I only had a few pairs of dpns. Now I have them in every size!

After buying all those needles, I had just enough left on the certificate to buy 2 skeins of sock yarn.

The yarn is called Imagination. It's a wool, alpaca, and nylon blend. The color way is Ruby Slippers. For now, it's going into the stash. I have some other things to finish before I make another pair of socks.

Finally, for your amusement, I picked this up at the going-out-of-business sale at the Hyde Park Borders bookstore.

I'm not much of a crocheter, but I think these patterns are just adorable. And at 20% off the original price, why not?