New Year, New Projects

Happy 2011, everybody! I think I've finally recovered from the long slog that was my nephew's blanket. He loved it, by the way. I pulled it out of my suitcase and said, "I made you a new blanket." He said, "Thank you! Can I put it on my bed?" He also insisted on wrapping up in the blanket while he lay on the floor watching the Peanuts holiday DVDs I bought for him. I was so touched. He's a sweet little kid.

Anyway, because I'm a weak-willed person who can't resist discounted and soon-to-be-discontinued yarn, I bought the Capra Cashmere sampler from Knit Picks a couple of weeks ago and am making--what else?--a scarf with it. I'm knitting it in the round as a tube. When I get a little further along, I'll post a picture.

Oh, I'm also doing some baby knitting. Three friends/acquaintances are pregnant and due this spring, so I'm making bibs and burp cloths for them. They're quick, easy, and practical. I'd rather give something that I know the parents can use, instead of a sweater that the baby will wear once or twice before they outgrow it.


monica said…
It's so great that your nephew loved his blanket! And thanks you enabler! Putting up evil links like that.

Happy New Year!!