What to Do During a Blizzard

So I've been pretty much housebound since Tuesday afternoon, when the Great Blizzard of 2011 started. I've been putting the time to good use, though. First, I finished a chain link scarf.

I knit one of these years ago to sell and always had it in the back of my mind to knit one for myself. I bought the yarn years ago (and I don't have the ball band info any more--sorry!) intending to make a striped scarf out of it, but I figured it would be perfect for a chain link, too. Here's a view where you can see the colors.

I'm also working on a hat for a friend who is expecting a little girl soon. It will be a beret, and I plan to put a knitted rose on it.

The yarn is Stroll Tonal by Knit Picks. The color is Summer Blooms. It's really beautiful and nice to work with. Did I tell you that I bought a swift and yarn winder from Knit Picks a few months ago? Well, this is the first skein of yarn that I wound with it. Within a few minutes, it went from an unruly skein to a neat little yarn cake.

When I think about all the skeins of yarn I've tangled over the years by trying to wind them by hand, I could just kick myself for not investing in a swift sooner. It would have made my knitting life a lot easier. Life and learn, I reckon.