Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day

I jumped on the Ravelry bandwagon and knit a green Gap-tastic cowl for myself.

Here it is draped over a chair:

And here it is draped around my neck:

I think it looks pretty good. It's very cozy and warm. The yarn is Cascade 128 in the color Primavera. I used size 13 needles. I bought this yarn a long time ago intending to make something for my nephew but changed my mind and made him that blanket instead.

I broke a cardinal rule of knitting and hung this up to dry after washing it yesterday because I wanted it longer and narrower than the pattern specified. An unintended consequence is that the seed stitch flattened out and looks like a rippled garter stitch now. It's a very cool texture. I'm glad it worked out that way.

Before I forget, those cotton bibs I posted last week were very well received at the baby shower. Several other people brought beautiful hand-made gifts, too; there was a lot of talent on display. I'm always glad to see when people take the time to make things themselves, rather than just buying something off the shelf (that was probably made by child laborers in a third-world country).

That's it for now. Happy St. Paddy's day, whether you're Irish or not!