Sticking to My Knitting

I haven't blogged in over a month because I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve in terms of making gifts for my friends who are pregnant. I never dreamed I would become a baby bib-knitting factory, but there you are.

First up is a set of 3 bibs in traditional baby pastels. I think they're very sweet.

Next, I made a set in nontraditional colors, green and purple. I think (hope) that the mother to whom I intend to give these bibs will appreciate them, since she's a nontraditional gal in a lot of ways.

That's it for bibs at the moment. I still need to buy buttons for all of these, but the babies aren't due until the fall, so I have a little time for that.

Last Saturday I went on a tour of the Lorna's Laces dyeing studio here in Chicago. We learned about the company's history, and then the owner, Beth Casey, did a yarn-dyeing demonstration for us.

After the demo, we were free to shop from the hundreds of mill ends piled up on the tables. I was very restrained--despite all the temptation--and only bought 4 skeins of Shepherd sock. I haven't decided what I'll make with it, so it'll just go into the stash for now.

Now that I'm done with baby bibs (at least until YET ANOTHER friend tells me she's pregnant), I'm not sure what I'll do next. Maybe I'll knock out a pair of socks for myself or for a charity.